Find the matching pair!

The crazy Royal Dogs memo game.

The fancy box in old diary fashion contains instructions in five languages (D,GB,E,F,I)and 2x32 memo cards on black velvet.

18,50 €

May I introduce myself? My name is sultan Tuliczky v. d. Au and I would like to present my manorial family: The Royal Dogs. We are incredibly double! My arrogant uncle Bodo von Noll, for example, never leaves the house without his stunt double. Typically actor. Also aunt Bianca separates reluctantly from her queenly reflection when she conceitedly looks in the mirror. And my brother-in-law Pinschi Pistolletto, addicted to party, rather strolls through the bars of Rome with his four-legged twin brother than to fulfill his duties at the ducal palace… Keep the Royal Dogs in good memory and enjoy!

Royal Dogs memo game.
A dog looks for its´ match! The mad ancestor‘s gallery
of the Royal Dogs as a noble brain-twister.
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